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Every day we assist healing facilitators to become the best possible version of themselves.


Our vision
Our vision is to be recognised for evolving the teaching and learning of energy psychology techniques, encompassing the elements previously not considered.

Our values
Integrity , confidentiality, trust, Transparency, everyone.

You have probably found this site, in  search of a way to take charge of your own life and help others to make positive changes in theirs.

Maybe you have heard about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) from one of the many people all over the world that are now using it.

Matrix Re-imprinting is a relatively new, advanced use of EFT. It is an amazingly effective energy therapy. I am very excited by the results I am getting for myself and others.  Testimonials

Health Practitioners from all different backgrounds are using EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting in their practice. Doctors, hypnotherapists and psychologists are discovering how easy and effective it is compared to conventional treatments/methods.

Hi, I am an EFT Practitioner and Trainer of level 1,2 and advanced (3)  and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner. I am also the Matrix Re-imprinting Trainer in Australia.

My passion is to teach as many people as possible how to use these energy therapies, so they can have more control of their own emotions and well-being.

My other passion is to introduce EFT into schools. If children can feel better about themselves, then it could have a big impact in reducing bullying. EFT has many other uses for school children (see school link). This has been a goal of mine for a few years, now it is becoming a reality, through my school project.



Perth Matrix Reimprinting Course


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Tapping with a private client


Free EFT Quick Start Manual


EFT is a new discovery that has provided thousands with relief from pain, diseases and emotional issues. It is a unique version of acupuncture except you don’t use needles. Instead, you stimulate energy meridian points (tapping points) on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips.

The process is easy to memorize and is portable so you can do it anywhere. It launches off the EFT Discovery Statement which says…“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system” And because our physical pains and diseases are so obviously connected with our emotions, the following statement has also proven to be true…

“Our unresolved negative emotions are major contributors to most physical pains and diseases.”

This common sense approach draws its power from:
1. Time-honoured Eastern discoveries that have been around for over 5,000 years and,
2. Albert Einstein, who told us back in the 1920’s that everything (including our bodies) is composed of energy.

These ideas have been largely ignored by Western Healing Practices, but it is why EFT often works where nothing else will.  EFT will allow you to bring freedom into your life where you thought none was possible.

More benefits of EFT await you…

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Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting founded by EFT Master Karl Dawson

Karl Dawson- right    Gary Craig - left


Matrix Reimprinting is a an advanced application of the original EFT protocol and is producing results that are beyond the ordinary.

Are your negative core-beliefs holding you back? Maybe it feels like there is something inside you that is always preventing you from moving forward. Perhaps that feeling has been there for so long that you can’t even imagine yourself without it.

Would you like freedom from your negative beliefs? In this workshop you can learn about a technique that enables you to pinpoint where your negative core-beliefs were formed and rewrite them quickly and easily. This fun and creative process can be self applied and can empower you to imprint yourself with positive beliefs and finally move forward.


Confidence  and Self Empowerment Coaching:

I specialise in helping those people that have been bullied.

Bullying is very insidious and people carry the trauma for years. This can have a massive effect on self esteem and confidence.

Many people do not realise that their stress, anxiety, depression has resulted from being bullied. Many people commit suicide as a result of being bullied because they cannot find a way out of their misery..

For this reason I want to create an awareness about this and most importantly let people know there is a very effective but gentle tool that can help them heal.

I help my clients heal from this trauma by using Matrix Reimprinting to locate and heal the trauma. I then give clients the tools tp promote confidence and self empowerment to create a life they love.


I am a Sue Stone Foundation Accredited Coach.

(Sue Stone featured on Englands Secret Millionaire and is often seen on the British media. She is soon to have her own 'Oprah' type show)


Coming soon will be workshops tailored for adults and children on how to be the confidant and self empowered person that you have always wanted to be.






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