Choose excellence in EFT education! 🚀 Our combined Level 1 and 2 course is facilitated by a former nurse turned EFT expert, ensuring a unique blend of medical insight and holistic healing. Tap to learn with a seasoned professional.

Caroline Dawson holds the esteemed designation of an approved IICT and EFTMRA Trainer. The IICT, spanning approximately 40 countries, stands as the largest International Association for complementary therapists.

EFTMRA, founded by Karl Dawson, boasts Karl as one of only 28 EFT Masters trained by the Founder of EFT, Gary Craig. Our distinction lies in being the sole training authority that instructs Matrix Reimprinting using EFT, an EFT modality demonstrating greater gentleness, speed, and profound core healing compared to traditional EFT. Notably, EFT serves as the core of the Matrix Reimprinting protocol, making Level 1 and 2 EFT prerequisites.

Our teaching approach emphasizes a direct and easily applicable method for EFT, encouraging swift results by allowing clients to guide the process. We distinguish ourselves from other EFT applications, which may be more complex and reliant on practitioner-driven phrases.

EFT courses require no prerequisites; we welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds, whether they are parents, teachers, psychologists, alternative therapists, GPs, nurses, or those seeking personal growth or a new career path.

While we are not an Association, students can join recognized bodies like IICT, an International Association supporting both EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, offering insurance opportunities.

EFT courses start at a foundational level and progress with a combination of theoretical learning, practical applications, group discussions, volunteer demonstrations, and individual and group healing practices. Class sizes are limited to 13 to ensure personalized attention in a comfortable and secure environment.

Caroline brings over 13 years of EFT practice and Matrix Reimprinting expertise to the courses. With a unique background in Meta Health or Biocompass, she enriches the curriculum with emotional diagnostic tools, enhancing students’ understanding of the connection between physical issues and underlying traumas.

Biocompass, also known as Meta Health, offers students valuable insights into the emotional themes connected to physical ailments. This knowledge complements the EFT learning experience and empowers students with a deeper understanding of human psychology and negative behavior drivers.

Attending EFTMRA courses is not only educational but also transformative. Participants can expect personal healing, increased confidence, higher self-esteem, and improved coping mechanisms for life events. Caroline, an internationally recognized trainer, guarantees a rich learning experience with a focus on healing from abuse and autism.

Our courses are designed for practical application, ensuring participants leave with the confidence to use EFT on themselves and others. Additionally, these courses may contribute to career development points, providing further value for professionals seeking personal development opportunities. Each course day is equivalent to 6 points.

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(Courses booked for Victoria and Auckland, New Zealand for 2024)