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The Art of Delivery; Mastering Your EFT Toolbox; EFT Universe’s Newest Specialty Workshop

Learning the many techniques in EFT is one matter. Mastering them, is another. Each of the foundation techniques in the EFT 1 and 2 curriculum have Do’s and Don’ts. However, subtleties, nuances and the art of delivery is what makes an EFT practitioner masterful and obtains the most powerful results. This workshop will take you to an entirely higher level of proficiency, offering a focus on the art of delivery with extensive supervision, mentoring and feedback to take your skill to another level.

This course is designed for EFT students and practitioners that are working with others and ready to take their skills to the next level.

Pre-Requisite: Contact trainers to see if you qualify.

12 hour course 9-5, 2 days, with 6 hours of didactic leaning, demonstrations and experiential supervised tapping.

Course Material Covered:

  • Creating a powerful EFT consultation
  • Initial Session considerations….what not to do and where not to go
  • Advanced Detective work for locating specific events
  • Advance Rapport Building; languaging V A K, eye gaze, tapping style/pacing
  • Triaging for the most appropriate technique
  • Titrating trauma
  • The Art of Resourcing
  • Distancing and Dissociation Techniques Methods to reduce the likelihood of Flooding and Abreactions
  • Orienting EFT
  • When to alter the acceptance statement
  • Advanced Applications for working with trauma
  • Learn to create seamless flow from one technique to another
  • Future Pacing; Accountability coaching in EFT
  • When and how to safely and ethically have your client “make up” specific events
  • Legal/Risk considerations for your EFT practice
  • Technique Reviewed

    Participants who take this program will be issued a Certificate of Attendance that they have completed an EFT Universe Speciality Workshop. This may be applied towards EFT Universe Intermediate or Advanced certification.

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