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Game Changing Event:
‘How To Clear Sub Conscious Blocks To Gain Peak Performance for Sports Men, Women and Coaches’

Free Event
Limited Places (8)
This Workshop is designed to educate Sports Men/Women and Coaches, 2 cutting edge techniques, that can permanently help clear sub conscious blocks to peak performance.
These techniques are already being used by Professional Sports people in the field of Rugby, Baseball, Soccer, Athletics to name a few, but not widely known about yet, in the mainstream sports arena.
We will be presenting validation of this at the workshop.

Why Free?

Myself and Colleague, retired Professional Basketball player from the Geelong Cats, Bruce Helgan, are working together to have these techniques known around the world, in order to enhance ways to achieve peak sports performance for individuals and teams.
(I will explain how on application).

This workshop will be filmed (although participants don’t need to be viewed or identified if they request not to be).
We need the interaction though for the best outcome for our project, by having  questions and answers/ demonstrations etc.

What will you get out of the workshop?

You will leave, fully understanding:

*The 2 main reasons why Sports persons can’t reach their full potential.

*Why Sports Professionals loose their confidence and sporting abilities and can’t get back to their peak performance.(This has lead to some of the best sports people having to retire from their sport, because they didn’t have these techniques!)

*How to clear sub conscious blocks to peak performance.instead of trying to over ride them.

*Learn an easy to use, quick and effective tool to help disappear anxiety, fear or any other emotions, in the moment, pre and during sporting events.

*How these techniques can enhance sporting injury healing process.and recovery.

*We will be presenting actual footage and including a newspaper article from an English National paper, plus other evidence, to demonstrate who and how Sporting Professionals are already drastically enhancing their performance with these techniques.

When:    April 3rd till 5th 2017   (3 days)
Times:    10am till 3.30pm
Venue:    Aura Wellness Sanctuary
56 Hartnett Drive
Seaford 3198

To be ahead of the game in this relatively new field of Sports Psychology,  or if you know anyone who might be interested.

Or are you already trained in EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and would like to specialise in this area?

Please contact me as below or forward this email:

Email:  1111transform@gmail.com
Mobile:  +61410417053  (Available from 19th March as currently in England).
Web:  www.efttraining.com.au

Caroline Dawson

Peak Performance Coach
International EFT/Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner and Trainer
Trainer of Trainers South East Asia

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