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Pre requisite EFT level 1 and 2 (3 days)

Matrix Reimprinting is the powerhouse use of EFT achieving core healing and transformations.

On this Practitioner Training Course, you will learn how to easily access RELEVANT memories, for any issues, that require healing and how MR is the more gentle application of EFT, minimising any re traumatising, discovering core limiting beliefs to heal on a deep sub conscious level.

With MR we achieving great results helping people heal from:
Allergies, phobias, PTSD, bullying/abuse, grief and so much more.

Why attend this accredited Course:
To gain more comprehensive knowledge about how physical/psychological issues come from traum

A deeper understanding of basic principles of psychology in an easy to understand way. A deeper understanding of shock/freeze and how that affects our biology.

To understand how EFT is applied in the Matrix Reimprinting protocol to discharge shock and freeze moments at the source of when it happened.

To experience more healing for yourself.

To progress as an EFT Practitioner and help clients have more profound result.

To be on board with the Matrix Reimprinting movement, led by Karl Dawson the Founder and EFT original Master.

We currently have around 30 Trainers Worldwide and 2 Hay House Published Books, translated into about 12 languages so far, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese.

Certification process:
If you wish to become certified as a Practitioner, there are 2 options:
1. Attend the Matrix Reimprinting for Specific Issues 2 day Training. See the description on the events page.
2. Registration on the Matrix Reimprinting Membership website (99 Pounds annual membership)
Watching the required extra videos containing filmed demonstrations on various themes and experts education (about 17 hours)
Complete the online multiple choice test on the Membership site.
(There are no case studies required)
Once you have completed the above, you will receive a Practitioner Certificate and you can put your own profile on the membership website.

For more information, availability or to reserve your seat, please contact Caroline on M:0410417053
email: 1111transform@gmail.com

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