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What our clients said…

What our clients wrote…

Practitioner Training
I have been nursing for 22 years and in a wide variety of medical fields and saw that modern medicine is not the answer to everything; in fact, there’s very little that it actually cures or explains. So, I started looking elsewhere and found that I prefer the gentle, harmless and healing effects of alternative medicine and then I met Caroline…. Caroline is a very passionate and caring teacher with deep insight and she’s amazingly intuitive. She introduced me to EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting and I can never look back again. The amount of knowledge that I’ve gained from Caroline’s courses is just amazing and I can recommend that to everyone – even if you are just looking at helping yourself or your family. You will not leave there and have no benefit from it. I can see it as the future of medicine as more and more people, like me, realize that (though well meant) modern medicine is way inferior to EFT and Matrix Re-imprinting.

J Botha , Frankston (Registered Nurse)

EFT/ Matrix Reimprinting Reference
EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are fantastic self healing aids, still, stubborn issues require the assistance of a professional. As a member of the Victorian EFT Practitioners Network, I could pick from some of the most experienced practitioners in the country, to help me with through some difficult issues of my own. I picked Caroline. As an AAMET qualified EFT practitioner and trainer and Matrix Reimprinting  practitioner  and the only MR trainer in Australia, she was the natural choice. It was a choice well made. If you need assistance, or would like to be trained as an EFT or Matrix Practitioner, make Caroline your choice as well.

Don Mortimer, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner

Bladder Infection
Thanks for your help. My bladder infection has quietened down which is VERY nice.  I  tapped all the way home.  I think the “stuff” with my Dad was very important!!  Matrix seems to get to places that EFT alone does not.  I have done quite a bit of tapping on the incidents around my Dad but obviously I still had a lot of unresolved “stuff” that the ECHO was still holding.  Very amazing process.

K, Melbourne

Weight Issues/Difficulty Getting Pregnant
For 2 years my husband and I had been trying to have a second baby. It had taken us 6 years to have our first. I was very overweight also and thought if I lost some weight I would probably increase my chances of conceiving. I had heard Caroline talk about EFT to other people but wasn’t sure what it was. I asked Caroline to explain it to me which she did but I still wasn’t quite sure what it was about. I decided to try it anyway to try and lose some weight. Whilst doing my EFT session Caroline, who already knew we would love another baby, decided to discuss this issue also at our session. This happened in the January of 2009. By the April 6th 2009 I had lost 7kg and had just found out I was pregnant. I continued to lose weight throughout my pregnancy and afterwards and we now have a beautiful baby girl to join our other beautiful girl. Thanks Caroline I am very grateful.

Clare , Rosebud, Australia.

Dealing With overwhelm
‘I had been feeling chaotic and overwhelmed, I had so many things to organise and do, all seemingly urgent and requiring too much of my attention. I could have just tapped on the feelings around being overwhelmed, but the MR session was much deeper, and took me back to resolve much earlier incidences of the pattern of feeling overwhelmed. Since the session I have been calmer and feeling less overwhelmed, and finding it easier to focus on one thing at a time. Despite having to sort out obstacles and blockages almost every day, ranging from e.g. a neighbour’s tree dropping a huge limb into my back yard and creating a mess, to lost paperwork. Now I am laughing about these things, despite having to take prompt action to sort them out.
Caroline’s approach is very gentle and safe, and I heartily recommend her if you are looking to refer anyone, including yourself!’


‘The Tapping Nan’
I have been tapping on my grandchildren’s “magic buttons” since they were born.  When they were little (and not moving) I would just talk to them and tap wherever I could in any order e.g.,  hands, feet, top of the head and/or eyebrow or side of the eye.  I just tapped and talked, using only 1 finger to tap.  I still do that but now Lili can talk I get her talking about things that concern her.  Lili (who is 3) has a boy at day care who pushes her and we talked about him while I tapped her.  (She told me the other day he was a nice boy). I never do a set up, just tap and talk. I also tap them when they are in bed ready to go to sleep.  I ask Lili about her day and tap while she talks.  She has a favourite spot under her eye and always points to that spot.  Chiara (she is 18 months old) is only saying a few words but they both know that Nan taps on their magic buttons and they like to be tapped.  As soon as they are hurt and crying I automatically tap on the top of their head and they stop crying almost immediately. There is no wrong way to tap on children.  They are so open to new experiences.  My daughter wanted to tap on Lili one day and she wouldn’t let her.  She said “only Nan taps on my magic buttons”.  I am fortunate that I can teach them an easy way to release negative emotions, without them even knowing the powerful tool they have at their disposal as they grow up.


Bullied At School
The emotional stress of dealing with a persistant bully during my school years had taken its toll on my self-esteem and confidence. Having never been bullied before, the effects of the physical and emotional abuse remained with me for years after the harrowing had ended. With the help of just one (very emotional) tapping session, I felt able to forgive the bully for alot of the issues that still remained with me after the taunting. These issues included not being able to take constructive criticism and critique without becoming very emotional; and crying at the drop of a hat following any nervous tension, confrontation, anxiety or stress. After my session with Caroline I felt confident enough to use the tapping techniques and formulated mantras to use in everyday life by myself. Tapping drastically reduces symptoms of emotional discomfort and anxiety. I still use tapping today to help me to remain calm. Thankyou Caroline for teaching me EFT!

Eve, Victoria

ME/Chronic Fatique Syndrome
I came across Caroline accidentally.My husband was out to dinner and was sitting next to someone who knew Caroline and the success she had had in helping many people with recovering from all sorts of conditions including ME/CFS. What Caroline does is called Matrix Reimprinting.  It takes EFT to another level, involving tapping and revisiting events, often difficult occasions or traumatic events and altering them in some way to release the trapped negative energy. I was sceptical about EFT, however as ME/CFS is such a confusing and debilitating condition I was ready to give it a go.I had already done quite extensive reading and was building up my immune system with lots of essential nutrients as well as resting as much as I could. After seeing Caroline on six occasions for approximately an hour or so, I had quite a dramatic improvement in my ME/CFS. This combined with what I was already doing, made an improvement from about 30 to 70 on the CFS rating scale.I was fortunate though to be diagnosed early and I know this also help aid recovery. Even after 4 sessions, I was able to consider returning to work, which had previously not been a possibility. I would certainly recommend it. Caroline is a trained nurse and has a vast knowledge of illness and its impact.

BK, Victoria

A Severe Height Phobia
During my EFT level 2 training day my fear, (quite extreme) of heights became apparent to Caroline. After the day was complete Caroline was compelled to investigate this further before I left and I am forever grateful for the outcome. Even thinking about high places I would become sweaty and anxious and when actually placed in a position of being elevated I would be unable to move. Caroline worked with me for about 40 -45 minutes on various past memories where heights had been a problem for me and with the aid of EFT and Matrix Reimprinting my fear has been removed. I have been 15 stories up , outside , with only a short handrail in front of me and able to lean out and enjoy the view without any anxiety. My past feared memories are now filled with beautiful, enjoyable ones. Thank you so very much Caroline. EFT and Matrix Reimprinting has certainly enhanced my life.

Jill Friedman, Victoria, Australia.

Caroline Dawson
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