I am a certified introduction trainer of Meta Health, through both Meta Health International and Biocompass.

After learning this emotional diagnostic tool for about 14 years, I am excited to be able to offer the pre recorded course, which goes over and beyond what would be considered an ‘introduction’ course.

Pre-recorded means self paced learning and you can keep going back to the information for a refresher or look at the PowerPoint PDF.


  Why is this course important for any Practitioner?

  • This course has been designed in order to give you a broad spectrum of Meta Health/Biocompass. This is an addition to the very basics you would have learned on the EFT/MR Courses. This will help you be more confident as an EFT Practitioner by understanding more about the issue they are presenting with.
  • By totally focusing on this very profound tool, you will gain a deeper understanding of:
  • Physical and psychological conditions?
  • How are they caused?
  • How to efficiently locate the relevant traumatic events that need healing to reverse the process.
  • A deep understanding of certain human behavior and how it is caused, by going deep into some of the more common ones such as Autism and Anorexia.
  • To be able to understand valuable knowledge about where in a disease process you or your clients are?
  • To understand how each brain layer, such as the brain stem is relevant to physical or psychological issues.
  • Plus, much more………..
  • A document for you to share with your clients with some post session Meta Health awareness.


When registered you will receive:

*10 sessions x 2 hours (audio and video recordings)

*Workbook to print off and complete during the sessions.

*The PDF of the Powerpoint

*A 30 minute chat with myself to clarify anything.

*A special offer from Rob van Overbruggen, should you wish to gou advance your studies


Qualification Process:

Completion of the workbook

There is no qualification in regards to this introduction module.


Fees:    Price maintained at the early bird price for students attending Carolines MPLR course.


This can be paid via PayPal to account  caroline@efttraining.com.au

(please pay to ‘family and friends’ to avoid fees.