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Are you wanting to go to the next level as EFT or MR Practitioner?

Need CPD (Personal Development Points)?    This will apply to Nurses/Psychologists/Teachers/EFT and MR Practitioners      (1 hour:1CPD)

Would you like to some day be an EFT or MR Trainer?

I have put a lot of consideration into what can help you get value from this course and what knowledge can take you to the next level, including knowledge I have gathered recently to share with you:

Here is what we will be covering, which includes a guest speaker on a topic not normally covered on these courses, but need to know:


Go to the next level in your business:

Meta Health (Biocompass)

Understanding the disease process.

Focus on Brain stem issues and what the themes are.

Working with Archetypes and what are the trauma themes:

Aggression,  Autism,

What is the ‘Flying’ Archetype, how can you recognise it and the trauma themes.

Understanding PTSD and how to heal from it.


Guiding Stars

Your ‘Why’  –  Very important to understand to move forward.

Finding your Niche

Working with ‘Money Blocks’

Working with Conflict Management (great for working in corporate sector)

5 Free or cheap tools/strategies to build your business

Working with weight issues:

Anorexia (Archetype)

Over weight:  The 1 KEY ASPECT that needs to be addressed before anything else !

Why is chocolate the main go to for people Worldwide?

How to work with ‘Parts’    (Personalities, identity issues)

How to work with Cords/Ties (Why are they there?)


Guest speaker:

Nev Winkworth  (Sharman, Angel Channel, Medical Intuitive, Biofield clearing)

How to recognise and manage unwanted energies (entities) for yourself and clients.

Closing Meditation

Plus more………………

To reserve your seat.

Please contact Caroline M: 041417053







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