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I teach EFT in a way that is not just easy to understand, but easy to apply and still gets great results.

Learning this modality in a simple way, means it is an easy process to teach to young children in particular, so they can use it in any moment they are experiencing pain or trauma.

The simpler the process, the more people are going to use it.

The added bonus is, I include some concepts of Meta Health to enhance learning and to start to understand the mind/body connection.

I guarantee that you will love the whole experiences that these courses have to offer.





Matrix Reimprinting Workshops:

Pre requisite EFT level 1 and 2

Matrix Reimprinting is the powerhouse use of EFT.

Through this process, you will learn how to easily access RELEVANT memories and how MR is gentle for clients, minimising any re traumatising.

Learn how most often you can apply EFT within the memory to attain faster results and get to core beliefs quickly.

Once you have the core belief(s) in any memory, it becomes easy to address and get profound results.

2 days Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner Foundation Workshop

2 days Specific Issues

Why attend this 4 day intensive workshop?

*To fast track your learning to become a more skilled MR Practitioner

*To have more in depth knowledge on topics such as: Allergies, Phobias, Relationships, Life Issues, Working with Serious Illness, Grief. Plus Bonus content: I will share the protocol I have used with great success: ‘Healing and Integration of Parts’.

*No need to watch the required 17 hours of extra video footage, if only done the Foundation Course.

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