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Biocompass® The Awakening

Radically change the way you can influence your health

During this intensive certification training you will learn how to find the exact emotional cause behind symptoms. This process takes away the guesswork and goes straight into the biological meaning of the symptoms. Once you understand the meaning the treatment plan is obvious and much more effective.

Your treatment for any symptom will be quicker and more effective, your clients will benefit tremendous from your additional value because you will bring a new perspective.

This new perspective will also put you ahead of the crowd of therapists, hence more clients will seek your help.

Integrate with your current treatment modality. it is mainstream medicine, alternative, complementary medicine.

Integrates seamless with EFT , NLP, Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and other modalities

Create results with your clients fast and become to GOTO person in your area or niche worldwide.

Go way beyond simple organ language and know exactly what questions to ask based on the symptoms

Live you own life with complete vitality … and help your clients to remain or regain a complete vital lifestyle

Heal your own issues…issues that you might not even be aware of

Learn “What to do When” when presented with physical issues ranging from a small eczema to a serious disease.

Get to the root of illness or emotional turmoil much faster with more precision… so you can heal it quicker and complete.

Heal the issue from the roots, so it will be removed from your entire life instead of just the symptoms

Re-align with your body, and get rid of the fear of disease or illness. Really feel in the core of your entire system the meaning and respect for the symptoms and know what you need to do.

Who is it for

This certification course is specifically designed for therapists (mainstream and/or alternative) that want to work smarter, faster and more holistic in healing their clients physical issues.

For those who want to get deeper levels of understanding in how the mind influences the body, and what to do about it.

EFT Practitioner, NLP Practitioner or Hypnotherapist, Counselor or Psychotherapist, Physiotherapist, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Medical Doctor, Nurse, Homeopath, Reflexologist, Acupuncturist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Kinesiology, Reiki, Life coach, Performance Coach, Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer, Aromatherapist etc..


  • Open, ready and eager to learn
  • Be open to discovering your own issues
  • Willingness to practice and feel the effect
  • Ready to have fun during the learning process


  • Find beliefs and emotions that underlie chronic issues
  • Laser sharp root cause analysis or any symptom or disease
  • Use proven formulas to find these issues fast and effective
  • Develop and honor your new relationships with your body
  • Get feedback from classroom clients and the experienced trainer to skyrocket your success rate.
  • Practice working with others so you feel confident you can help your clients Better and with more confidence.
  • Build your business by being able to offer a unique biocompass® for your clients.
  • Discover your own issues in life and create a biocompass® plan on how to deal with them yourself
  • Go home with a clear cut plan of action.

Furthermore you will get:

  • Advanced Worksheets
  • Extensive workbook
  • Certificate

At the end of the training you will get the possibility to join exclusive international network of professionals that help you in building and growing your therapy business. This network is exclusively for biocompass® The Awakening graduates.

Trainers and Host

Rob van Overbruggen Ph.D.
Lead Trainer , Creator of Biocompass® and Emocure®
Rob has been working in this healing field since 1996. He is considered the trainer of the trainers. His two books (healing psyche and Unleash your vitality) became bestsellers in the field and by many considered a must read for any serious healing professional. His material is frequently referenced in other books and programs. He travels the world speaking at conferences and conducting live seminars and VIP trainings. Besides that he was featured in documentaries. Over the years he helped thousands of people towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.
Caroline Dawson
Melbourne / Australia
In 2005, my brother, Karl Dawson (EFT Master and founder of Matrix Re imprinting)  came to Australia to teach EFT. I have been practicing EFT since then and I have also used Matrix Re-imprinting from its very beginning.
I am the only Matrix Re-Imprinting trainer in Australia.

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